Lew Del Gatto – Peter Gunn Theme

Here’s the last solo from the Peter Gunn Theme that I’m going to post, maybe the last Blues Brothers solo, we’ll see (for awhile).

Lew plays a great solo on this track. I don’t feel as though I quite replicated his sound on this one. He’s got a really strong upper register with a hint of growl to it. I never really solo on bari, I pretty much just play low, punchy notes. So this is good for me to work on.

I love how in-the-pocket his playing is in the first part of the solo. Really authoritative and driving. He does a couple trills at the end to wind things down. Nice and simple but effective.



3 thoughts on “Lew Del Gatto – Peter Gunn Theme”

  1. Your website sez the transcription was deleted?

    Jim Glass YouTubeage ~ Microsoft Jumpin’ Jive Orchestra

    I played the wrong, wrong notes. ??? Thelonious Monk



    1. Scribd is currently down, not processing uploads. I’m actually in the process of migrating to a new site, and away from Scribd so everyone can access the transcriptions for free without any accounts needed. Stay tuned…


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